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        I capture everything as it is, focusing on the emotions, the mood, the intensity of the day. I even want the portraits to be a part of the story, creating and accentuate the atmosphere is my job. You should just think of behaving naturally and the rest follows of itself

        Italian Photographer Based in Turin and Bologna

        The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart

        Well... Let's get to know each other!

        I’m not really into writing, especially when I have to describe myself, so I’d rather show my pictures than to show my personality. I’m an extrovert, spontaneous and cheerful young Italian photographer, based in Turin and Bologna.

        Photography is my greatest passion. As I was a child my parents made a huge mistake, they let me stroll around my backyard with a disposable camera and that’s when I started to take my first pictures. It was love at first sight. They didn’t realize that it was a point of no return. I don’t have many pictures as a kid, since I was the one in the family behind the camera, taking pictures.

        Then when I was about to end High School, I started to work as a wedding photographer. Weddings are an incredible mix of tears and laughs (and other stuff…. but tears and laughs sound more romantic), so documenting that connection between two humans is something incredibly rewarding and I think I’ll never get saturated by taking this kind of pictures.

        ohhh, by the way, my real name’s Federico!