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        love your hills and I love your dales,
        And I love your flocks a-bleating;
        but oh, on the heather to lie together,
        With both our hearts a-beating!
        ~John Keats

        Florence is one of those cities that most of us want to experience at least once. This is the reason why Kevin and Beamer decided to get married in this wonderful setting. Florence and Italy have an incredible variety of landscapes and scenarios, indeed many people choose this scenario for the most special memory of their entire life. When Kev and Beam wrote me to organize their elopement in Florence I wanted to look for a location that was not taken for granted; then after a short walk through the city center we headed to the charming Rose Garden (although short is not the exact adjective since Beamer took off his heels and turn barefoot). The garden is located beyond the Arno river on the hills. It offers a wonderful view of the Florence skyline. Unfortunately, the roses were mostly wilted due to the great heat, but the garden setting is perfect for elopements; uncrowded, beautiful colors and calm atmosphere are the fists adjectives that arise in my mind. This young couple really smashed it. We immediately broke the ice; Their natural attitude and their mood facilitated my work. What else to say; I’m always super excited to shoot in Florence with young couples; every time I find new inspirations for more genuine and dynamic shots. Thanks again Kevin and Beamer for choosing me as a reported of this very important day. (You can find their review in the Client section of the site)

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